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NJ Solidarity w/ Sept 9 Multi-State Incarcerated Work Stoppage

On September 9, 2016 on the 45th. Anniversary of the start of the Atiica State Prison uprising that led to the massacre called by then NY State Governor Nelson Rockefeller, prisoners in multiple states around the US are preparing for a work stoppage to protest enslavement in incarcerated facilities throughout the US.

Peoples Organization for Progress and Decarcerate the Garden State joined in a letter calling for protests around NJ in solidarity with the action and demand and in support of Decarceration, freedom for political prisoners and improved conditions for those inside carceral facilities.

In NJ we demand:
End Prison Enslavement: 13th Amendment Keeps Enslavement Intact and it is organized through the US federal, state and local incarceration (“corrections”) system
Freedom for all political prisoners in the USA
Mass Decarceration and Immediate Commutation Relief in Response to the 12:1 Racial Disparity in NJ Incarceration Probabilities
Improved Conditions Inside All NJ Corrections and Detention Facilities

Initial Letter from POP and Decarcerate the Garden State

 Partial lists of actions:

Newark - Coordinated by POP:

Newark County Superior Courthouse
Newark, NJ
Friday Sept 9 (9/9)
3 – 6 pm
101 S 5th St, Camden, New Jersey
Friday Sept 9 (9/9)
1:30 – 5:30 pm
Leafleting and if numbers permit rallying

Thursday, September 8 at 3:30 PM - 7 PM
Join community members from across the state to urge elected officials to stop making money from the incarceration of immigrants. Hudson County has been profiting off the prison system. We will march from the Hudson County Jail, which holds immigrants in jail on behalf of ICE for a cost, to the Hudson County Freeholder meeting.

Únase a miembros de nuestra comunidad de alrededor el estado para pedir que los elegidos paren de ganar dinero por encarcelar a inmigrantes. El condado de Hudson está ganando dinero de la cárcel. Vamos a marchar de la cárcel de Hudson, cual detiene a inmigrantes a nombre de la migra por un costo, a la reunión de los representantes del condado.

Start of March: 30-35 Hackensack Ave, Kearny, NJ 07032
End of March: 567 Pavonia Avenue, Jersey City, NJ 07306. 

Route will be 3.5 miles, wear comfortable clothing.

Co-Sponsors: Action 21, Migrante New Jersey
A coffeehouse of music, poetry and discussion 
Inspired by and in memory of Coalition member Marc Shapiro

Saturday, September 10, 7:30 pm
Reformed Church, 19-21 South 2 nd Ave., Highland Park


Struggles Inside: Organizing Against Inhumane Prison Conditions


Marshall Rountree, Social and criminal justice reform advocate. Recently released after serving 23 years in prison, many of them in solitary confinement

Additional Speaker: To be announced

Poetry: Rahime Hicks and Marshall Rountree

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War   

For additional information call Ellen at 732-771-7882
Statewide campus leafleting 8 am – 6pm
On September 9 (also known as 9/9), prison laborers throughout the country will begin a work stoppage to protest inhumane working and living conditions, just as the prisoners in Attica State Correctional Facility did on September 9, 1971 after their formal grievances and concerns were consistently ignored by the state. Decarcerate NJ is organizing events across NJ to take place on or about September 9 in order to raise awareness about the work stoppage, the inhumane conditions being protested, and to express solidarity with the prison workers who have been abused and exploited for their labor for decades. 
One of our goals for September 9 is to get student supporters from as many NJ college campuses as possible to hand out leaflets in their dining areas at breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner. The leaflets will be two-sided -- one side providing information about 9/9, Decarcerate NJ’s solidarity efforts, and Decarcerate NJ’s contact information, the other side containing information about the campus organization(s) participating in the leafleting and local efforts to work towards decarceration.
In order to meet our goal, we need at least one point person -- student, faculty, staff member, or student group -- from each campus where leafleting will occur. The point person or point people at each campus will be in charge of creating the local organizing side of the flier, printing, making any signs or t-shirts to wear while leafleting, and of course recruiting volunteers to help hand out fliers. If you or your student group are interested in handing out leaflets on 9/9, please contact me as soon as possible with your name, your student group (if applicable), and the campus you will be leafleting at. Additionally, feel free to contact me with any questions, concerns, or requests for help.
Lastly, there is a possible solidarity event on September 10 in Plainfield. This event is in the planning stages but would be hosted by Plainfield youth and feature liberationist music and art to celebrate the unity in struggle for decarceration. There may be additional 9/9 events in other cities across the state organized by members of Decarcerate NJ. More information about the possible Plainfield event and any others which materialize will be released as soon as possible.
Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter and engage in the discussion around decarceration. We hope to see you out in your schools for 9/9!

Jennie Chenkin
Facebook: Jennie Chenkin

Phone: (908) 967-4095
Rowan University Panel Discussion Sept 15 – Stay Tuned for Details

Details possibly to be announced elsewhere including Trenton and Jersey City


Please join us to protest the failure of the U.S. Attorney's Office to indict the Bridgeton, NJ police officers that shot and killed Jerame Reid. Come to the protest on Monday, August 29th, 4:30pm at the Federal Building, 970 Broad Street in Newark, NJ. For more information call People's Organization For Progress (POP) at (973)801-0001.

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