Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Kyss for Kayden: Its Personal (Plainfield Decarcerate Event)

How many of you have been touched by the epidemic of mass Incarceration? We anticipate that every hand will be raised when we ask this question at our Decarcerate event.  In a tiny urban city like Plainfield, the reality is that all of our lives have been invaded by this ugly disease.  We all know a friend who has grown up without a father because he is in prison or someone who has been incarcerated, released, yet still serving a lifetime sentence, struggling to find a job or fighting tirelessly against  the automatic machines that control the revolving doors in and out of Prison.
Yesterday,  KYSS, had a very informal and friendly meeting with members of Decarcerate the garden state, Peoples organization for progress, and David Rutherford at a local pizza shop in Plainfield. We discussed plans and preparation for Plainfield’s own Decarcerate event over delicious Pizza as my son Kayden sat occupied with his tablet (He eventually became restless).  As much as I try to protect him from the harsh realities of the world, I am fully aware of the dangers my black son will face as he grows. Eventually the innocence of ignorance will drag him out of his comfort zone and force him to stand in front of reality and realize that being a black man in America is a scary title to hold. This is personal to me. I intend to protect my son as best I can. When I can’t anymore, I hope to have educated him enough to understand but not accept the inequality in this world and I hope he will protect himself the best way he can.
Nonetheless Kyss is all about educating our community and getting the youth involved.  That is why we have chosen to take part in this movement.  Plainfield is plagued by the mass incarceration virus, either by those who are personally dealing with their own life sentence, or those struggling because of the absence of a father or brother—a provider. Disenfranchisement has happened in many different forms in different times. Slavery, grandfather clauses, poll site intimidation, illogical literacy test, and now those who are victims of the new caste system: mass incarceration. The best way to free a slave is to educate them. So it is our responsibility to free slave minded people by educating them.  Please look out for further information regarding this event. It is expected to take place the last week in February at the Plainfield Public Library. We are looking for people in the community that want to help in spreading the word through social media, passing out information, press outreach and otherwise help out in making the event as successful as it can be.
*I took the Picture so I'm not in it but my son is so I'm satisfied.
** Also Steven Hatcher (a member of the POP)  is not in photo but was in attendance

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PS  We have received this notice:
You are reserved for the Anne Louise Davis Room on February 24 at 6 PM. Since you have requested free service, the room is available with the regular set up. Chairs, audience style, table in from with chairs and podium mic. We do not provide table mics with this setup. Please understand that the use of the room for free does not include any AV or screen set up. No food or drinks are permitted in the Anne Louise Davis Room.

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