Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Trentonian Assists Police Cover Up of Facts / Smear in Cop Shooting of Radazz Hearns Case

The following is from the Facebook wall of Rev. Lukata Mjumbe, a coordinator of the (UMIO) Radazz Hearns Task Force.

It should be pretty clear that certain folk at the Trentonian Newspaper have no idea what words like "transparency," "impartiality" or "conflict of interest" even mean. The same reporter, Isaac Avilucea, who authored all the Trentonian stories with the illegal "leaks" of juvenile records, child mug shots, etc. is the same Trentonian reporter who was assigned to cover the story about the community response to the illegal leaks of the juvenile records of 14 year old Radazz Hearns who survived being shot 7 times by a Mercer County Sheriff & NJ State Police officer!

During the UMIO press conference last week, Avilucea repeatedly interrupted the speaker from the ACLU of NJ BEFORE the Q&A session in a wholly unprofessional attempt to defend his journalistic practices. The irony of Avilucea's ill-timed interjections were that the ACLU was actually defending the "legal" rights of reporters to report under the first amendment (even if the reporting is morally and ethically wrong) and was joining in the call to target police sources which illegally leaked the information.

But it gets worse --- this week, this same Trentonian reporter writes what is supposedly an objective story about how a probe of the illegal leaks (which led to the writing of his own shady stories) could hurt transparency and have a chilling effect on "their ability to serve as watchdogs." Wow. So now the leak receiving Trentonian news reporter has become the news to be reported on in the Trentonian newspaper by the same Trentonian news reporter that received the leaks published in the Trentonian newspaper in the first place. CONFLICT OF INTEREST, Isaac Avilucea ---- Google it.

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