Monday, April 17, 2017

Sussex county judges and officials complicit in aiding even rewarding sexual predators, must be stopped

Sussex County superior court judge James McGovern released ex Newton police officer on bail last week, after multiple incidents and vast prior history of this man endangering the welfare of his children, while simultaneously preying on your children.  This man showed his genitals to your teenage children during traffic stops, all of which evidence can be seen by asking Newton PD for an OPRA request of the footage.  Almost equally profane is how the courts handled their scumbag insider buddy cop.  He was released on bail and was on paid leave while they investigated.  While out on bail for his first offence, he molested another minor in Burger king.  Even amid NJ bail reform, people at risk of offending while on bail, or who have proven they will re-offend should be locked away forever.  It disgusts me the way the prosecutor and judges were so eager to let this man back  with his young children, or worse back in the community with yours.  Call judge McGovern's office and express your feelings, I know I'm not alone. 973-579-0680 (judges phone)

cops name : Jason Miller