Monday, June 12, 2017

Bill Maher and the Thin Brown Wall.

It's frustrating to see this unfold as it has. It is indeed a teachable moment. Unfortunately, there are no abolitionists allowed on these global platforms to teach the underlining lesson. Legalized slavery and the 13TH amendment is either an unknown factor in their mind or simply not on the conversational priority lists. An astonishing thing to consider regarding people acutely aware they are currently standing in the heart of a nation that has more people in cages than at any time in the known history of mankind on planet earth. Hell. Louisiana alone is known as the prison capital of the world. in California incarceration is almost $80,000 a year per person. More than a year at Harvard. The national average is closer to $40,000 per inmate. Now multiply that by 2.4 million yearly. Add another 12 million times $25,000 for jails and from a view in space you can see human bodies pulsing dollars and cents in 6X9 transistor slots.
Still not feeling nuthin huh? Maybe it's the lead and chlorine diet mixed with SSRI systemic synapse restructuring efforts. IDK... justa guess.
Breakdown: A white man accepted as an ally, with the ear and eye's of millions, decided to make a big feaking joke out of slavery while talking to a senator in public. Referring to himself (the globe-trotting, footsie playing multimillionaire progressive white liberal) as a house slave when asked to volunteer in political fieldwork. Using his ... intimate "friendliness and familiarity" as a get out of deep shit free card.
Steve Harvey made a similar error. The re-vitiligo doesn't fool me. Same school of thought.
Let me point out something an abolitionist would catch. While he was telling that jokey joke about crimes against humanity, some governors mansions and even the white house at times has used or is using prison slave labor solely for economic reasons. The Clinton's used house slaves in Arkansas. I mean if you really want some stereotypes, there are field slaves out picking cotton in Angola prisons or potatoes in Idaho prisons now. Whole foods had access to a whole plantation worth tens of millions in revenue. They didn't see nothin wrong with a little trump and crime.
There are class action lawsuits in high courts right now against rampant slave labor use. Behind these bars across the nation, in places like Rikers and Tutweiler, suffering and exploitation is beyond a nightmare.
This past week alone I've reported on 3 different rape cases where SRO's LEO's and CO's are sociopaths. Women and children are being abused in ways that would challenge any poets commitment to being a narrator of the times. And you got jokes?
This isn't past history. Go to the governor's mansion and you might find a house slave working in the kitchen or offering white-gloved services today.
Maybe... the senator has seen them personally and was taken aback because Billy boy doesn't fit the description.
Ask the Clinton's what they know bout dat. I mean how else would those murderers get their freedom one day right? In the eye's of our oppressors, this is a great opportunity for formerly bad people to do something good with their lives. We should be thanking them. Like the other busted bill, O'really said. White House slaves had it real good ya'll.
I can't even get into the racism and stupidity involved with the video below and the line of questioning by the fallacy driven fake newsagent.
Slavery is a very sensitive topic of discussion these days. Talk about it enough and you begin to recognize it when you see it again. Maybe that is the problem and the solution.
I don't know Bill Maher. I don't like or GAF about him. This isn't just about one asinine white guy any more than Kalief Browder's story was just about Rikers.
You know... I bet I can relate with Ava DuVernay right about now. She said it loud and clear. From slave to criminal with one amendment.
Everyone loved it. She was a media darling. People played it everywhere and talked. Then, in less than a year folks consciously forgot what you were talking about and went back to living the lie. Maybe you did too. IDK. Denial is definitely an easy escape route.