Thursday, November 30, 2017

Press Release: Decarcerate the Garden State Supports Ulisses Rodriguez Family



Contact: Bob Witanek 908-881-5275

Decarcerate the Garden State, a state wide NJ group opposed to mass incarceration and enslavement supports the demands of the Ulisses Rodriguez family.

According a co-founder of the group, Bob Witanek, "We make the following demands of Northern State Prison officials:

immediately inform the family of Ulisses Rodriguez of how he died and the cause of death;

immediately provide any and all information requested by the family of Ulisses Rodriguez including every detail of the whatever incidents that occurred or circumstances that occurred leading to the death of Ulisses Rodriguez;

immediately inform the family of Ulisses Rodriguez if there was a physical altercation, a fight, if paramedics were called and if resuscitation efforts were made;

immediately establish a liaison with the family of Ulisses Rodriguez to initiate the process of full disclosure of every known detail of the tragedy and every detail of the ongoing investigation by the [New Jersey Department of Corrections] and the Essex County Prosecutor's Office;

immediately establish a phone number and a contact person assigned to answer any and all calls from the family of Ulisses Rodriguez"

Decarcerate the Garden State urges its constituents to call Abutments office:at North NJ State Prison at  609-633-2596 and read to whoever answers or any answering machine the above listed demands.

According to Bob Witanek, a co-founder of Decarcerate the Garden State, whose Facebook group has over 1400 members, "It is up to the family to determine how best to move forward for a full disclosure of the incident. We are ready to support the family in whatever decisions it makes in this regard.  We are ready to do what it takes to support the family's quest for justice."

The group is rallying support for the family in its Facebook group:

More background on the issue was published in the Newark, NJ Patch:
 30 -

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