Friday, August 29, 2014

Proposed 2014 Fall / Winter Tactics and Strategy for Committee to Decarcerate the Garden State

Proposed 2014 Strategy 


We have had a brief hiatus from our meetings since the very successful July 30 Panel Discussion but I believe we need a Newark meeting to spark things up again.  Can we schedule an initial meeting?
Regular Meetings

Can we determine a means to allow phone / other conferencing?  (I do not have much experience in this regard.)

10 Meetings (large and small) by end of 2014
August 30, New Brunswick – volunteers welcome
November 14, Newark Event with Joy Washington- yet to be confirmed

Camden?  (Gary Frazier?)
Where else?
Rahway Prison Visitation Meeting?

Justice Committee
Kwadir Update – what next?
How do we get more participation in calls?
Other Justice Support Actions?

Jim Crow Study
20 minutes at next meeting to discuss
                Get sessions rolling
                Get participants reading

Paper Distribution
                Distribution plan – how do we get the papers into more communities?
Who has papers?
Who Needs Papers?
What are events for distribution of paper / petitioning?

Legislative Effort
                Contact Sen. Rice – Find Out if he is going to respond?
                Other contacts?  How do we get it introduced?

Communication Networking
                Petition Database
                Approach Change . org for data 

Organizational Letters
                Green Party NJ, Socialist Party NJ, POP, NJ Communities United, New Black Panther, Newark Anti-Violence Coalition, who else?

Petition Signing
                Bring petitions to other events – leave in car if you have (along with NJ Decarcerators paper)

Media / Blog outreach?
                How do we break through the barriers to get more publicity to our effort from blog sites, news sites and traditional mass media?

                How do we get more attention for resources we have – like the Johanna Fernandez presentation?

                How can we enliven the organizational interaction given everyone’s busy schedules?
Can we mirror the Facebook group outside of Facebook for participation of those who don’t use Facebook?  Any suggestions / experts on setting that up?

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