Wednesday, August 12, 2015

14 Years Old, Unarmed - Shot 7 Times, Trenton NJ

The so called journalist takes seriously the cops claim to have found a gun under some care - 12 HOURS LATER!

The way the 12 hour later weapon should have been reported: - cops "Denied having planted a weapon they claimed to have found almost half a day after the incident."

Tweet to journalist 
 ask him why he took the story seriously of the supposed found gun!

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32m32 minutes ago

Community meeting at Shiloh Baptist Church tomorrow at 6pm (8/13) for

1h1 hour ago
Why did police abandon the ironical report that the teen was shooting at them to now simply he was "reaching ...

Do you believe it for a second? NOT FOR ONE! We ain't buying the story OF THE 12 HOUR GUN!

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  1. Great article Bob. I'm going to share it... It's been trending on Twitter all day! We're watching em!!