Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Fascist Signs Must Not Stand for 5 Minutes - New Brunswick or Any Where

Joe Xtarr worked with a team to remove the nazi signs that were hanging in New Brunswick since the day after Thanksgiving according to one Facebook user account. Please contact him through Facebook to see about a team for nazi sign removal in New Brunswick - or elsewhere - since he and his colleagues took care of it to night. I was geared up for the weather and ready to go join them but according to Joe they found only about 8 signs along George Street. He did not check the side streets so please keep an eye out anywhere in New Brunswick or any where else. If you see signs, contact Joe or you can text me 908-881-5275 to see about getting them cleaned up. You can also e-mail to for anonymous tips and leads. That is the contact e-mail address for the Central New Jersey General Defense Committee of the IWW (International Workers of the World aka Wobblies(.

WD40 or Rubbing Alcohol could be needed
ro break down the glue.
Get a wood puddy scrape knife and throw it in your glove compartment or pack. The signs were glue adhered. The nazis were probably watching for days as everyone tried to claw them down with their finger nails. They probably were even filiming it - that would be my guess. But if you have a puddy knife handy - - zip zoot bye bye nazi sign. That's how Joe and his team took care of them.
If you see the signs and do not have time or resources to get rid of them - contact Joe - through Facebook, above - you can contact me (Bob Witanek) thru Facebook or 908-881-5275 - call / text.
That goes for anywhere else. The nazi signs have to come down as soon as they go up and if we catch them - we have to get a team to prevent them from putting them up or to remove them immediately.

They should not be permitted to by the community to post those signs. This is not to me a police issue but a community issue. You go to the cops with it and they will spend more time investigating you than the fascists.

But NJ here to forward - these signs can not stand 5 minutes! UPDATE: December 7, 2017 Univision has been in contact and they want to do a story next time these signs show up in NJ so if you see the signs, pleaese call 201-852-7716 (Bill Tipacti)

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