Friday, November 21, 2014

Explaining The NJ Decarcerator Daily . . .

Explaining The NJ Decarcerator Daily . . .

What is it?

It is a daily internet newsletter that pulls together links to articles, pictures, blog content, videos related to the topic of Decarceration with a particular focus on NJ.  It is a resource of Decarcerate the Garden State, an organization that is fighting to pass the NJ Decarceration Act with the aim of reducing NJ’s incarcerated numbers by 50% in the next 4 years.

 How does it work?

The motor for this newsletter is the twitter account:

This account follows a limited number of twitter accounts, particularly those that have a tendency to post around this topic.  The site that hosts the newsletter runs a twitter app that assembles postings to the account into the newsletter which publishes around 10pm every night.  The search engine for the articles prioritizes articles with the HT #DecarcerateNJ .

How can you help?

What is needed most is people who champion this resource by sharing the link and RT-ing it on twitter – every single day – to various outlets all over social media.  Ideally there would be about 30 people that RT it every single day – perhaps a few times per day.  Also folks should share it in Facebook groups and pages etc.  Try to write something about what is in the current newsletter to make it more likely to be viewed and re-shared, RT-d etc.
Also, content providers are needed.  The newsletter will function best if it can assemble 10 – 25 relevant articles each day so folks when you come across a relevant article, tweet it as follows.  Here is an example how to send content:

@DecarcGardState  #DecarcerateNJ
Send 1 or more regularly – even every day.

It also would help if more people would follow on Twitter.  The more people that are already followers – it encourages more new folks to also follow which will lead to more RT’s – etc.
Also if you want to write articles for it, we can set you up as an author at:

and once you write your article, event announcement, etc. you then use the above explained method to send it to The NJ Decarcerator Daily “paper.”

You too can become a NJ Decarcerator Daily – just spend a couple of minutes a day, RT-ing the newsletter, sharing it around, calling your friends attention to it and sending one or more article into the evening’s run.

Already we have assembled dozens of links and distributed them widely.  However, we will only reach the full potential when we have a full throttle support network that works the materials every day!

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