Sunday, December 28, 2014

Justice for Kwadir Felton Committee: Let’s Assemble the Team!

Who is ready to fight for justice for Kwadir Felton and who is going to ‘sit this one out’?  As the nation rises to demand justice for those who have been felled by police bullet and police hands, by police who have not been brought to justice, when is NJ going to stand up FOR ONE OF ITS OWN who SURVIVED the police bullet to the head, ended up BLINDED FOR LIFE and was set up on FALSE GUN CHARGES and TRUMPED UP CONSPIRACY CHARGES, now serving 16 YEARS at NJ’s Southwoods facility.  

Black Lives DO Matter.  Kwadir’s Life Matters!  His life has been seriously harmed in the loss of his sight and the loss of his freedom.  The police who put a bullet in his head at close range is free.  As the movement for justice grows, as we chant that we got our HANDS UP – DON’T SHOOT and that we CAN’T BREATHE . . . lets also add remember that Kwadir CAN’T SEE!

We need to now reassemble the team to fight for Kwadir’s Freedom – to support the legal position for the appeals process.  We all know that the true court of justice is in the street – including the virtual and the physical street – we need to make a clear demonstration of power of NJ’s justice community that it stands WITH KWADIR FELTON in the appeal for a new trial.

What is needed now are:
1. NJ as well as national and international human rights activists that are prepared to rally in support of his appeal.  Those interested in joining the Justice for Kwadir Felton Committee should contact Renee Felton at .  Let Renee get dozens of e-mails a day from those who are looking for ways to support the demand for appeal of the conviction and a new trial for Kwadir.
2. Bloggers who can use their access to blog sites to  write about the situation.  You can interview Renee and arrange that through e-mail address: .  Renee can also put you in contact with Kwadir’s appeal attorney and you can likely get some more background on the grounds for appeal for your writing.  If you have access to a blog site, please consider reblog of the two recent articles on the situation:


3. Once a press release is ready on the appeal, assist in sharing the press release with news outlets and following up to make sure the story gets some air play in the mainstream, Black and other alternative media.

4. Everybody can easily share and retweet the link to this CALL TO ACTION for Kwadir – in forums, groups, via e-mail, twitter and however you participate in social networking.  You can also set up links to this call or write your own call to action for support.  We need to develop a core of support and around that a groundswell to demand justice for Kwadir.

5. There no doubt will continue to be rallies around NJ demanding justice in the many cases of police killing and brutality that are continuing daily.  Make Justice for Kwadir part of the rallying cry.  Invite Renee Felton (or other Kwadir supporters) to speak on the topic at your events. 
6. Make your own self educated on the case by reading up – in addition to the links given above, additional background is here.  Be also encouraged to share this link.

Understanding that there are numerous cases and more added to the list every day, NJ needs to rally for its own.  Kwadir needs to know that we are out here fighting for him and the powers that be that will decide on the appeal need to know that this case is one more primary concern for those of us who consider ourselves on the side of justice.  We can help make this happen but we need to be educated, engaged and in motion.  LETS FREE KWADIR!

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