Friday, April 29, 2016

Look out for my opinion piece next week, paradox's in sentencing reform NJ

Rise up fellow citizens:

     I live in a terribly wicked place.  Sussex County NJ.  I make this
assessment because a township should be judged on how they treat their
most vaunerable citizens, and likewise, how they punish those who
commit terrible acts against the community.  Looking through this
lens, Sussex County is a TERRIBLE place to live.  A quick tool to get
an idea of the climate of the criminal justice system in Sussex County
is to look at how citizens get sentenced for crimes.  Sussex county is
a place where Newton Police officer, Jason Miller, received only minor
probation for showing his genitals to your sons and daughters during
traffic stops,  even with video evidence, yet someone smoking a small
joint may very well end up in lock-up all year.  
    As of today, the Keogh Dwyer houses more low level, non-violent drug offenders, than it
does, violent offenders, sexual predators, or heroin specific related
offenders.  Ill give an example to highlight the disparity.  I was
stabbed in 2013 in Sparta by an intruder in my home (my lung was
collapsed and i was near death.)  That individual pleaded guilty, and
only got a small probation term from the sussex county court, even
amid public outcry.  However, today, many non-violent young women and
men are being used to fill Keogh-Dwyer, while serious offenders fill
our streets,  and us taxpayers are paying for this.  I challenge every
citizen in the county to crosscheck the jail website, and see the
surreal truth.  Sussex County has to absolutely get it priorities
straight.  And New Jersey residents should demand sentencing reform,
starting yesterday.

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