Saturday, April 16, 2016

Welcome to the Second Issue of The NJ Decarcerator! Get Your Copy, Distribute, Donate . . .

The second issue of the NJ Decarcerator is hot off the presses and will soon be hitting the streets and hopefully getting mailed to incarcerated people inside NJ facilities.
You can get a copy of the paper provided to you by sending your mailing address to .

In order to cover costs of mailing, there is a suggested donation and you can make the donation at this site:

 Also if you want to get 50 or more copies of the paper sent to you to distribute to your organization, community, at an event, etc., you can use the above link as well to donate toward shipping and provide your mailing address to .

You can read the whole issue in PDF reader at this link:
Please help spread the word about the availability this important community organizing resource by sharing and tweeting this article far and wide.

To get more directly involved in the effort to get the papers out into the community and also inside to the NJ incarcerated people call 908-881-5275 or write .
The following is a page 2 article from the latest issue that sums up what is contained in this issue:
Welcome to the Second Issue of The NJ Decarcerator!
The NJ Decarcerator is being published for the second time to  support the efforts of the Decarcerate the Garden State to bring about an end to mass incarceration in NJ.  This issue is dedicated to reaching out directly to NJ’s incarcerated, their families and loved ones.
                On page 1 we print an extensive interview with the Incarcerated leaders of the Free Alabama Movement (continued on p. 6), an open letter to NJ organizations calling for unified action to Decarcerate in NJ and another open letter to incarcerated and their families.
                On this page, we call for the hosting of “Decarca-Parties” to meet informally to carry out Decarceration tasks, we call for folks to pledge to take Decarceration actions each and every day, we urge word of mouth spreading of the Decarceration message within NJ facilities, we offer to assist college and high school students in putting together Decarceration events and we give information about NJ crime lab corruption and blatant racial profiling – calling for review of cases connected to these issues.
                Page 3 includes our call for First Amendment access to visitors at state prison facilities on visiting day, we offer families of the incarcerated  help in starting individual campaigns for justice, we provide information about the NJ Decarceration Act and we offer assistance and support to communities that want to organize a panel discussion or meeting around Decarceration and related issues.
                The center spread includes a list of websites for some of the political prisoners and an article on the topic of political prisoners by Educators for Mumia Abu Jamal co-founder, Mark Taylor, a suggestion to incarcerated persons that they spread the word about the paper on the inside, a call for creation of facility support committees around each of the state facilities, information about one such committee Southwoods Family United, an article about writing to the incarcerated about our efforts, an article with various statistics on the situation in NJ and an invitation to write for our blog site.
                Page 7 includes a letter from an incarcerated person from Texas that has been circulating between incarcerated facilities around the country calling for coordinated strikes to oppose the enslavement of incarcerated persons and an article about the goals of the New Abolitionist group.
                Page 8 includes an article about coordinated strike action by incarcerated persons across multiple states and the call for a coordinated strike on September 9, 2016 as well as our perspective on the issue of cannabis legalization.

                We do not have all the answers – we  know that something major has to be done immediately to address this issue as the crisis that it is.  We  hope that through our actions, we can strike a nerve with those in the targeted communities and help bring about a critical mass that can take effective action to END MASS INCARCERATION!

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