Friday, April 17, 2015

St. Clair (AL) Incarcerated Under Lock Down - Under Brutal Repression

Details are sketchy - I am going to put this together as info comes in.

Quote from incarcerated man:

"THE RIOT TEAM IS STILL HERE AT ST.CLAIR!!!!!! AND THEY ALL GOT PERSONAL GRUDGES!!!!! My life is in danger as well as my brothers!!!!"

Here is one emergency alert:

EMERGENCY ALERT !!!!! St. Clair prison
Lt. Ronald Carter beat a man this morning, busting his head and fracturing his jaw That lead to more incidents. The RIOT TEAM has been called in, and multiple people have been beaten. Reports that blood is EVERYWHERE !!!!!! Please assist in contacting media, attorneys, and families.

Here is a a FB vid:
HAPPENING RIGHT NOW @ St. Clair. Blood everywhere"

Here is another video showing a bloodied incarcerated man:

I will add more details as they come in.

Speaking with someone familiar with the situation, the person states:

"They don't get good medical attention, the food, the way the officers talk to the inmates and the families is terrible."

We are getting information now about how to protest the corrections brutality.

There is discussion of a possible vigil to STOP THE VIOLENCE at the facility tentative for this Sunday.  Here is a comment on the proposed rally:

"We are attempting to organize a Prayer Vigil and "STOP THE VIOLENCE" protest at St. Clair on Sunday for families, friends, and loved ones. We need people to Help put this together, because we have to get our message to ADOC that the prison model that they are running is no longer acceptable. We will be at the same location behind the big yard where we had our other protests." 

If you are interested in attending or need more details, please call 256 384 4FAM.

Facebook event: 

Sunday, 11 am 4/19/2015

The following is more information and demands of the action:

Please attend this Event at St. Clair prison on Sunday at 11:00am .
We are asking family, friends, and supporters to join this Event at St. Clair, and DEMAND that the RIOT TEAM be removed from this facility.

The RIOT TEAM remains at St. Clair, even though there is no riot. Appx. 6 men remain hospitalized, with 3 fighting for their life. All of these events were started by Lt. Ronald Carter, who, along with several other office, beat Mr. Xavier Austin twice, including once while in handcuffs. 

Lt. Carter has a history of violence, including being supervisor when he failed to intervene in a beating death at Donaldson p prison.

Lt. Cater choked a man to near death at ST. CLAIR, he supervised the beating of Mr. Ventura Harris, and his staff has accounted for over 40 assaults at St. Clair.

Even ADOC Officer Fife filed a petition that was signed by several officers and placed into Lt. Carter's personnel file in Montgomery, complaining of his abuse of authority. LT. CARTER is also named in the lawsuit filed by EJI for beating men at St. CLAIR.

Decarcerate the Garden State urges calls to the warden of the facility.

Tell them that THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING and call for an IMMEDIATE END TO CORRECTIONS VIOLENCE against the incarcerated at St.. Clair.  The number:

Recent interview with Free Alabama Movement

Report of Recent Strike at Facility 

The following is background on the Lt. Carter that instigated the violence yesterday - from legal filings of a suit on him:

From the EJI lawsuit. Lt. Carter, the same one who started the police brutality yesterday by beating Xavier Austin:
assault but did not intervene.
c.In May 2014, Lt. Carter put his hands around an inmate’s neck and

applied pressure until he lost consciousness. The inmate had to be taken to
UAB hospital due to his injuries.

d.In May 2014, Lt. Carter forced Dale Gilley to stand outside the shift
office facing the wall for fourteen hours and, at one point during that period of
time, slammed his head against the wall and punched him in the face.

e.Jermaine Tillman was assaulted in February 2013, by Officers Chad
Cleveland, M. Desnides, and W. Howard. The officers assaulted Mr. Tillman
when he was returning to his cell from the showers and was restrained in
handcuffs behind his back. The officers hit Mr. Tillman in the face, slammed
his head into a window, and continued to punch, kick, and beat him when he
fell to the floor. Mr. Tillman’s injuries included swelling to his head and
bruising on his face.

f.Upon information and belief, inmate Richardo Eason was beaten by
multiple St. Clair officers while handcuffed in February 2013. While assigned
to the segregation unit, Mr. Eason was placed in handcuffs before being
allowed to leave his cell for a shower. Officer JaMichael Howard left his post
and approached Mr. Eason, asked him a question, then punched Mr. E

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