Saturday, February 21, 2015

Youth and Decarceration - Please Take Survey!

Decarcerate the Garden State wants input from youth – teenagers and young adults to get a sense as to how to better incorporate a youth perspective into our approach to decarceration organizing and how to better involve youth in the effort at every level.  We invite you to answer a few questions and hopefully share with us a way to contact you for follow up.  One of the most important questions is the open ended one – the essay question where you get to expand on your opinions.

The results of the survey in addition to helping us better organize, might be used by our members, writers, researchers and others to analyze youth opinions on decarceration.   It is possible that based upon your “essay” answer some might want to ask follow up questions.  If you are interested in the data for your own research, just contact us at .  

So please take a few minutes to take the survey.   This is a tremendous effort we are undertaking and it will be youth at the forefront that will win it.  We do not have all the answers yet and we are still at the groundbreaking stage of building a successful struggle – new ideas from the youth will be what wins this for us!  So please take a few minutes to take the survey.  

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