Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Mobilization around Kwadir Felton's appeal reaches Colorado!

By John McDevitt:

The African-American Voice, published by Dr. James Tucker in Colorado Springs, Co. can tell you a lot about that community's struggle against racist police violence. At the same time they have picked up the banner of Kwadir Felton's on-going appeal reprinting a blog piece from Decarcerate.

We thank the people of Colorado Springs for standing with Kwadir as we move forward to win justice! We stand forever with the people of Colorado Springs engaged in the fight for real justice. Please visit: http://www.africanamericanvoice.net

Article is on page 31 of PDF at this link:


Free Kwadir Felton!

Note: The interview with Renee Felton originally aired on LiberationRadio on May 22, 2015 and has since reached many other radio stations via the syndicated LiberationRadio program that comes out each Friday.

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