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Organizations: Please Get Your Statements of Support Up for September 9

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Organizations / individuals - get your statements up!
Send them to Decarc@DecarcerateNJ.org  #DecarcerateNJ

This link is to the letter that invites organizations and individuals to co-sponsor, endorse and participate in the September 9th Prisoner Solidarity events in NJ. 


If you are a member of an organization – please decide in whatever means you have to expedite approval – through your meeting process or executive decision making capacities to support this event – we would hope to have 10 organizations by June 6th if at all possible signed on.

We accept approval to co-sponsor or endorse via an authoritative message from your organization.

The preference is for your organization to provide a statement of support that we can publish.   The statement can be of any length – from one sentence, to a single paragraph, several paragraphs or however you want to do it.  For those who would like to have a little help starting their statement we offer the following outline.  You might decide that the first step is to chuck the outline and write it any way you want to.  Either way it is all good.  Please send statements to Decarc@DecarcerateNJ.org – they will be posted on our blog site.  We look forward to working with you on this project to Decarcerate the Garden State!

For organizations writing statement of support for the September 9 Actions in Solidarity with the Incarcerated and Enslaved – here is an outline that might or might not be useful:
1.       Name your organization and announce support
2.       Briefly what is mission of your organization
3.       What is September 9 all about
4.       How is the September 9 effort consistent with the aims / goals of your organization.
5.       Is there anything from the letter calling for action that particularly is agreeable with the goals of your organization.  After you quote from or refer to what the letter is saying, provide link:
6.       Expand a little on the unique perspective of your organization on ending mass incarceration and enslavement.  Link to any statement or page of your group where this issue is further addressed (if any).
7.       Why should September 9 be a priority for your organization, members and supporters
8.       What specific ways is your organization going to get involved in the effort
9.       How can people get more involved in the September 9th effort (Decarcerate the Garden State links, e-mail Decarc@DecarcerateNJ.org phone 908-881-5275
10.   How can people get involved with your organization and specifically with the Decarceration efforts of your organization.
11.   Concluding statement(s) reiterating the importance of this event.


You are encouragd to take the initiative to invite organizations and individuals to formerly support this effort.

The following is a sample of a letter you can use:

Headline: Invitation to <Group Name> to Support September 9


Dear <officer of group>,

Please consider this a formal invitation to <group name> to co-sponsor the September 9th Solidarity with the Incarcerated and Enslaved.  See:


We appreciate if you can make every effort to expedite and finalize the approval and submit a letter confirming co-sponsorship.

We have a sample outline of a support statement that might or might not be helpful:


 Do you think you can have this completed by this weekend or sooner?

If you have any questions please call us at 908-881-5275.

<your name>

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