Friday, May 27, 2016

Phone Conf 5/31 6:30 PM EST 712-770-4010 Access 100577 Solidarity w/ Incarcerated & Enslaved Sept 9 Activities

Next Meeting of Decarcerate the Garden State for Organizing  Solidarity w/ Incarcerated & Enslaved Sept 9 Activities

Phone Conference, Tuesday, May 31 6:30 PM EST 712-770-4010 Access 100577

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Solidarity w/ Incarc/Enslaved 9/9 Activities Next Phone Conf 5/31 6:30 PM 712-770-1040 Access 100577

The letter is out calling for September 9 Solidarity actions in NJ in coordination with a multi-state work stoppage by incarcerated / enslaved men and women. 

We now need to have a plan to use the letter to reach out to all of the organizations and justice loving people in the state.

This meeting will discuss this plan as well as some proposals for lead-in actions in support of this project including a "noise protest" outside of a NJ facility aimed at communicating to people on the inside. There is also a proposal for a way that students can participate on their campuses on September 9.
We also need to start assembling promotional materials - to brand the event with graphics, video, music, art. pictures. etc.
Also we can discuss preliminary press outreach or media outreach to movement circles on the internet (NJ and beyond).
If we get a large number of out of state participants we can talk about how to get more states engage in this effort.  In any event we should encourage internet news outlets to start writing about the September 9 efforts.

This meeting will also begin to brainstorm about what kinds of actions can occur on September 9.

In the meantime - we all need to start circulating the letter at the following link - not just random shares - but targeted approaches to organizations and individuals including follow up discussions about exactly how to get meaningful sponsorship and involvement in the effort.

Any written input will be included as part of the records of the meeting so if you can not make it, please provide written input to .

While we will review and approve the agenda at start of meeting if you have agenda suggestions also send to same e-mail address.

And remember this is an ongoing process so input through e-mail, phone, the Facebook group, however delivered can be incorporated into the process of developing these activities - everyone's fight!   Everyone at the table!

And don't forget, Justice Monday is EVERY MONDAY!

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