Saturday, July 2, 2016

Decarceration Enslavement Shut the $4!+ Down is Going into Session

We hope!

We produced our first cut of Nine Nine . . . . but we want to pull together a whole series of revo tracks in support of the Nine Nine shut down and then the struggle beyond.  (Nine Nine . . . a beginning not an end)

We need to do this:

Get some Decarcerate / Black LIves Matter fight back - NJ organizing theme music together.  Let’s organize a recording party.  It will be a gathering – with refreshments – educational and productive.

What we need:

A location, a date, a knowledgeable teacher or speaker on the mass incarceration / enslavement topic, reading materials, paper and pens, lap tops, mics and recording pc's, possibly a keyboard and beat makers.

We need a couple of producers - teachers to sort of guide anyone that needs help and someone good technical who can trouble shoot and help get any completed tracks up on a shared location.

We need those involved to be willing to donate time (unless Beyonce or someone wants to float a few our way), to bring their equipment and share it and supervise to assure that everyone is using it properly.  We also need to recruit the youth interested in this sort of thing.  The youth could be mixed experience including seasoned producers and beginners.  Everyone learns on both sides of the day – about the topics and working to fight for change and about the technical and musical aspects – and about working and producing as a team. 

It should be within the next two weeks if it is going to be used to help spread the word.  Perhaps we can do multiple locations in NJ.

The suggested agenda would be:

45 minute talk about incarceration, enslavement, the shut down and the struggle.  Books would be on hand for anyone that wants to refer to them for more information.

Then a lyric workshop – maybe an hour.  We can even assign willing participants a particular aspect of the struggle to write lyrics about.

Then everyone takes turn putting tracks together.

We throw them all up on a share site.  And then people can do whatever they want to mix some home grown decarceration and resistance music to promote our struggles.  It would be like a half day class with education and music product as the goal.

Once its started - it will grow but an initial 9 9 unity session could get things started.

According to Queen Tahiyrah, “Our ultimate goal is to create a Soundtrack for the Freedom Revolution....”

Starting point:

Any of the following should contact 908-881-5275 /

Location - if you have a location suited for such an activity that can be loaned free of charge - ideally by the second or third week of July so that any products can circulate to help promote the events.


Producer - Teachers (equipment too?)

Owners of equipment, mics, laptop loaded with recording software, full piano keyboard (ideal), beat makers,  that can be loaned for the session.

Knowledgeable expert about mass incarceration / enslacement and the struggle - able to give 45 minute workshop.

Donations for refreshments


Up to maybe 15 aritists including beat makers, writers, vocals, mixers, etc. that are serious about making this sort of contribution to the efforts and who can participate in the full session, probably 4 - 6 hours.

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