Sunday, July 24, 2016

Tainted Cop, Tainted Evidence, Tainted Trials and Plea Deals – We Demand Commutation!

There are a couple of stories going on here but none of them are that we need to be sympathetic to crooked filthy cops when they get busted especially for messing with evidence and reports that send people to prison.

To be clear – the threats of violence and depredation that the reporter is allowing the family so much column inches about is the same for everyone getting incarcerated.   Indeed my view is that the criminal justice and carceral system is so rotten to the core that it is not even fit for its own designers and that would hold true for filthy corrupt cops.  We should not seek revenge for this dirty copper but at the same time any suffering he is subject to is no more than anyone else and these papers are not reaching out to the families of all the victims of this dirty cops tainted evidence.  It probably has not even crossed the reporter’s mind – since we should be concerned only for cops that might end up subject to the violence, depredation and torture of NJ corrections facilities.

The bigger story here – that this media source needs to shift its focus ro – in this case and the other case of the Bloomfield cop – who went to prison based upon tainted evidence - Indeed this needs to be a statewide media effort – consolidate a list of all the dirty falsifying, perjuring, evidence planting, Miranda violating, charges wobbling, evidence suppressing police, prosecutors and courts that allow the tainted testimony and evidence to come in.

This is not going on in a vacuum.  Decarcerate the Garden State has attempted to focus attention both of the media and the elected officials on the 12:1 statistic that has come out of the  Sentencing Project.  In NJ a Black resident is 12 times as likely to end up incarcerated as a white resident.  This statistic makes NJ number one in this regard – it has the worse disparity of this statistic in the whole country.   The average state has a 5:1 to 6:1 ratio which itself is horrific.

Our organization has called for an across the board audit of police departments, prosecutors offices and courts to determine how racially motivated decision making is being employed to create this horrific disparity.  We are also demanding immediate sentencing commutation relief for those found to have caught a sentence or a longer sentence based upon racially motivated policing, prosecutions, judgments and sentencing.

While we are calling upon elected officials and the government to take up these demands – we realize that it is unlikely to occur until we develop a greater groundswell to make these demands – we have to create a statewide environment where the elected officials can not check their twitter, Facebook or e-mail accounts without being inundated with these demands and when they venture out into the community – they need to be interrupted with concerned residents raising these demands and issues.

In the meantime, we are calling upon NJ residents to begin to gather the evidence of racially motivated polcing and prosecution.   Our call is for the cities, counties and courts that are guilty of employing racial decision making to be the ones to take the legal action calling for the release (time served) or sentence reductions of those who caught sentences / longer sentences.

We also have to start a database as to where we can prove there are cops and other officials that have tainted their legal hand as witnesses, experts, presenters of evidence. 

This is another area we need to press for Decarceration – and review of legal proceedings and possible retrials if the state believes it has evidence minus the tainted evidence these dirty cops have proffered.

For those interested in helping in any of these regards – call / text 908-881-5275 or write .

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