Thursday, June 9, 2016

ACTION ALERT! Tell NJ Legislators not to fund the Prohibition/Prison Industrial Complex

The state budget process is another opportunity to advocate for drug policy reform. Many appropriations in the state budget directly fund the harmful drug prohibition/prison industrial complex.

The New Jersey Legislature is currently deliberating with the Governor on what to fund and what not to fund in our State Budget.
Your Voice is Needed
We need you to tell Legislators not to fund:
  • Continually increasing drug possession arrests which harm and impoverish people (see chart to right)
  • Law Enforcement Funding without Civilian Accountability
  • $64 Million for Drug Court 
  • $2 Million to Re-Open Mid-State Prison
  • $127 Million for Behavioral Health Services with no Transparency or Protections
  • $1.7 Million for a Recovery Coach Program with anemic Harm Reduction offerings

Click here:
 for a pre-fab email. We need you to:
  • Send to all emails including the Help Not Handcuffs email so that we can track responses.
  • Paste the text of the message into your email
  • Make sure to sign your name at the bottom!
(Note: if the pre-fab email does not appear it may be saved to your downloads.)

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