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Every NJ Campus In for September 9!

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NJ Students Uniting Sept9 – Solidarity with Incarcerated / Enslaved #DecarcerateNJ

At our recent meeting (see minutes ) we discussed student involvement in the September 9th. Solidarity with the Incarcerated and Enslaved NJ events. 

A proposal was offered and approved to focus student support for September 9th as more low key but mass reach actions on the respective campuses.  The goal will be that on as many college campuses as possible around NJ on September 9th , student supporters of this effort will leaflet students on the cafeteria lines at either breakfast, lunch and / or dinner with a two-sided flier – one side having information about our solidarity efforts with our contact information and the other side having information about the campus organization(s) involved in the leafleting effort.  Teams of 3 or more, possibly wearing signs supporting the statewide activities are optimal.  Jan Makovec volunteered as one of the co-coordinators.   Other students in attendance that expressed interest are James Turner and Kenny Dillon.  In order to be successful, we need to start the effort now of identifying teams on campuses throughout NJ.

What is needed is at least one point person – a student, faculty or other staff member – from each campus where such activities will be planned.   That person / those persons would be responsible for recruiting at least 3 (and as many as possible) to handle the leafleting effort, devising the local organizing side of the flier, printing, making of signs to wear while leafleting and making sure the designated informational leafleting lines are fully staffed.  Of course these are informational leafleting activities – if someone does not want the flier – just thank them and move on.  We are not there to argue and we do not want to waste the paper on people not interested.

The goal of the effort from the perspective of our September 9th effort is to hopefully attract some students from all of the campuses to our Decarcerate the Garden State (and ally organizations) Decarceration efforts.  But the local groups will of course have to take the lead on the respective campuses.  This strategy will also give the local organizations an opportunity to identify potential student activists and organizers right at the start of the semester – this early semester statewide student coordinated scheme could also give a shot in the arm to the more general student coalition efforts around all of the related issues – so it will be a mutual benefit to our Decarceration efforts as well as the over all student organizing goals.

We are also interested in working with high school students who would be interested in organizing leafleting efforts at their high school around the September 9 solidarity day.

For now the following are some of the point persons on this effort.

If you want to be listed as a coordinator or co-coordinator on your campus, please contact / 908-881-5275.  Contact us as well if you have ideas, suggestions, etc.

Participating campuses so far:

Jan Makovec, Rutgers Newark
Kenny Dillon, Rider University
James Turner Bergen County College


Here are some links about the NJ September 9 organizing effort:

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Minutes from 5/16 Meeting:

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