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September 9 Solidarity NJ Organizing Next Meeting / Proposed Plan So Far

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Next Meetin
g of Decarcerate the Garden State for Organizing  Solidarity w/ Incarcerated & Enslaved Sept 9 Activities

Phone Conference, Tuesday, June 14 6:30 PM EST 712-770-4010 Access 100577 (Every Tuesday Here Forward)

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(I am still updating this document – But wanted to get it circulating sooner than later)

The logistics committee will do two things – figure out where the events will be held on September 9th.  During the meeting we discussed possible an event around Newark, an event in Trenton (at the Statehouse) and one possibly in Camden.  While it would be ideal for 3 such events to occur, it is necessary that great preparation be made to assure complete success of such a complicated undertaking.  It is do-able but it requires careful coordination and much volunteer effort – not only on September 9 but between now and then.

For those who are taking responsibility for organizing these events – it would be ideal if each of us could commit to support for one or more of each of these events.  We need to put together a timetable around each event with a deadline for final decision whether the venue is do-able.


Who is our Camden team – who takes the lead in organizing it? 

What organizations from Camden area can be drawn in to support?  How do we secure the participation?

What are logistics?  Camden jail / courthouse / federal building?  Any march?

How will participation be organized and promoted between now and September 9?

What lead up events can be organized in the greater Camden area and where?

How will it be decided who speaks on what topics?

Can we successfully invite Philadelphia to Camden?  (Will there be an event in Philly on that day?)

How and when do we decide if Camden is a feasible option?


The idea for Trenton Is to do something at the Statehouse – probably scheduled for the afternoon.

We have support from the legalize and medical cannabis effort.  They are discussing moving their normal Thursday event to Friday to help pump up the ranks of an activity on September 9.  That would be a big help.

If we can count on legalization effort to sustain it – it should definitely be feasible to sustain a Trenton event.  However if we use that approach, we need a way to bridge the legalize effort to the grassroots Trenton community.

Should there be a phased event – with part of it focused on cannabis Decarceration and another part focused upon other justice issues?  All can be encouraged to attend both – we can use the same permit (unless there is a time limit on the permit at the Statehouse) but perhaps there could be two flavors of Decarceration protest.  That is complicated but we should not assume that a common rally without discussions between these sectors will work.


The idea was discussed to have a rally possibly at the county jail and court house.  Perhaps also there could be a car pool to a second rally outside the state facility on Doremus.

Can we enlist POP to help with the coordination of the Newark based events?  Should there be any sort of march?

Also as a lead in, James Turner proposed and was approved to proceed with gathering more information for plans to hold a “noise” demonstration outside of NJ State Prison which has a goal to reach out to the incarcerated and get their attention holding a banner with largely painted phone numbers and information.  Recommendations were made to have legal support on hand and to explore possibly holding the event during visiting hours to try to reach out to Families.  James and his colleagues are researching logistics such as reach-ability, public transportation, parking, etc. to see if the site could be viable for the September 9 event.  (Maybe a caravanl from the County jail to the state prison with rallies at both ends?)

The logistics committee will also be involved in possibly planning local meetings to promote September 9. 

In a telephone conversation, Reverend Boyle he suggested a press conference sometime before September9.

Interested in Logistics CommitteeL James Turner


The goal is to have leafleting of cafeteria lines on as many campuses as possible on September 9 – See:

September 10

It was also discussed that a larger rally could occur on September10.  One idea to consider could be youth oriented community events with topical music.

National liaison

This committee will connect us to other state organizing  bodies and look into possibly mobilizing and activitating states not yet plugged in.

Free Alabama
Movement represented that the biggest help they can use outside is for us to assist a communication to incarcerated inside facilities around the country.

We were referred to this site and have referred Free Alabama Movement to it – it could be a possible way to get word out about September 9:

This just in:
Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War will add an activity to our campaign on September 10 - they will dedicate their monthly coffee house to this issue:

Newark Organizing

A Conversation was organized by a Socialist Collective in Newark to Support this Drive – here are some things that came out of that.  (Contact Jan Makovec to assist in these efforts:

Leafleting at Justice Mondays with newspaper and a cover flier with the high level details of September 9.  We would also be looking for other possibly POP and other community organization events for leafleting and outreach opportunities.  We need to get a handle on the Newark activist calendar to determine how to get out to the events.
Logistics of Doremus Avenue Facility – visiting day access to visitors, look into parking availability for possibly rallies, figure out the transportation from – say – Penn Station to there.  (One idea being considered for Sept 9 itself is a rally at the county jail – and a car pool over to the state facility for another rally there)
We should take inventory of the organizations in Newark – make a list of them and make sure they all are being contacted – first in writing and then with follow up phone calls to invite participation in Septmeber 9 and the building process

We should consider a possible panel discussion at the library – Brian Powers has experience as to how to ascertain the meeting room location (though you should be able to go in and request it). 
Toy Linn Justice  could be interested in working on that.

Flier Needed

A preliminary flier is needed right away for the leafleting.  A graphic decision is needed as the match on one of the national graphics has been discussed – that the media could portray that as inciting.
200 newspapers were left at 298 South Orange Ave, Newark, NJ 07103-2436 .  More papers will be delivered to Newark for the purspose of Newark organzing.


Aside from our initial letter – partnered with Peoples Organization for Progress, statements of support have been received from:

Rev. Charles Boyer 

Cindy Sheehan 
North Jersey Green Party
NJ Badass Teachers Association 
Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Several other groups have stated they are working on it but the statements are not flowing in – which is concerning as we need the support to be able to organize this aggressively around September 9.


We are working on a musical public service announcement: See 

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