Friday, June 24, 2016

PSA: Tell Your NJ Senate YES on S 677 - Racial / Ethnic Impact

The following is a PSA on behalf of Rev. Charles Boyer of NJ Campaign for Racial Impact Statements 
Rev. Charles Boyer is on board with our September 9 efforts - see statement.

E-mail addresses of NJ Senators listed below.

Previous PSA with more information: 

Sample tweet:

Demand Racial Impact Statements for NJ Laws #DecarcerateNJ

ll your State Senator to VOTE YES MONDAY for S.677 to 
Challenge Racial Disparity in the New Jersey Criminal Justice System 
Thanks to you, our momentum is building! S.677 which requires racial and ethnic impact statements will receive a full Senate vote on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 2PM!

We need your help to make sure this important bill passes the Senate

Email, call, or fax your Senator encouraging them to VOTE YES ON S.677

Sample (Copy and Paste in to your Senator)

Dear Senator__________

I have read the recent report published by The Sentencing Project that shows New Jersey is the worst state in the nation regarding racial disparities in the state's prisons. This must be stopped! As your constitute I encourage you to VOTE YES ON S.677 on Monday regarding Racial Impact Statements.



You can find your legislator’s contact information here.

  • If you haven't already you can also sign on to support the legislation here
  • Help Us Share The Good News On Twitter – tweet this post: Challenge #RacialDisparity in the New Jersey #criminaljustice system. NJ SENATORS VOTE YES on #S677
  • Spread Awareness on Facebook – share the status below on Facebook 
  • “Challenge #RacialandEthnicDisparity in the New Jersey criminal justice system. NJ SENATORS VOTE YES for #S.677! New Jersey incarcerates blacks at 12X the rates of whites. THE WORST IN THE NATION
  • Forward this to everyone in your network so we can continue to build the momentum!
  • Also please download the report issued by The Sentencing Project which shows New Jersey as the Nation's leader in racial disparities in prisons.

Fighting for Salvation and Social Justice
Rev. Charles F. Boyer
NJ Campaign for Racial Impact Statements
Pastor Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church Woodbury NJ

Send to all of the with one e-mail by copying the following addresses to your mail message:

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