Thursday, June 30, 2016

Presidential / VP Candidates Mimi Soltysik / Angela Nicole Walker (Socialist Party USA) Statement Supporting Sept 9 Prison Strike and Decarcerate the Garden State Efforts

In recognition of a U.S. legal system that is inherently racist and unjust, the Soltysik/Walker 2016 Campaign stands in solidarity with the September 9th prisoner work stoppage against prison slavery and supports the Decarcerate the Garden State project. We strongly encourage comrades in New Jersey to learn about Decarcerate the Garden State at and get involved.

Without your help, challenging and ultimately dismantling the for-profit prison system and the racist legal system that incarcerates people of color at an unconscionably disproportionate rate will be a near-impossibility. Together, substantive change is possible.
Our Platform calls for the "dismantling of the prison industrial complex through reductions and dismantling of existing prisons, and an end to mass incarceration of people of color." Not only is support for a decarceration effort sensible, support for a decarceration effort is essential." Related:

NJ Socialist Party Joins September 9th. Incarcerated and Enslaved Solidarity Coalition

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