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The Green Party of New Jersey endorses the Sept. 9th Prisoner's Solidarity of Action(s) in the Garden State

The Green Party of New Jersey

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The Green Party of New Jersey endorses the Sept. 9th  Prisoner's Solidarity of Action(s) in the Garden State

Parsippany --  On September 9, 2016 prisoners around this nation will be committing acts of civil disobedience via work stoppages. They've called upon us on the outside to support their efforts for better treatment and bring voice to their concerns & the concerns of their families.

The Green Party of New Jersey recognizes that our nation's color-blind systems of law enforcement and crime control have effectively constituted an ubiquitous national policy of racially selective mass incarceration, a successor to Jim Crow as a means of social control.  "This new Jim Crow must be publicly discussed, widely recognized, and ultimately reversed", said green party candidate for US Congress (12th district) Steve Welzer, after a recent online conference.

"We cannot continue to kick the can down the street street. Returning residents must be given the proper resources to truly transition back into society, especially non-violent offenders", said green party candidate for Camden city council, Gary C. Frazier Jr. when asked about the Sept. 9 call for protests in behalf of prisoner's rights. Mr. Frazier added, "These matters simply will not go away. We must be allotted to be that vessel during incarceration, when released on parole/probation, and namely after completion of any state institution's mandates."

The negative effects of imprisonment are far-reaching. Prisoners are isolated from their communities and often denied contact with society and the media. Access to educational and legal materials is in decline, while exploitation of prison labor is increasing. The GPNJ acknowledges that the prison industrial complex has very little to do with the disseminating of justice and almost everything to do with the accumulation of profits at the expense of civil rights & human dignity. Prison is big business. The margins are much greater when you can have a nearly slave-like workforce at your disposal.

The Green Party of New Jersey looks forward to working with in the Committee to Decarcerate the Garden State, 15NowNJ, the People's Organisation for Progress, and other activist organisations in building events  around  Prisoner's Solidarity Day. We will continue to provide updates via this and other mediums as the summer progresses and our plans in conjunction with our coalition partners become clearer and more defined.


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