Thursday, June 9, 2016

NJ BATS Statement Supporting September 9 Incarcerated / Enslaved Solidarity

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To All NJ Area Organizations and Individuals in the Struggle for Justice, We are writing to express our solidarity with all who fight for freedom throughout New Jersey and the country to bring attention to prison enslavement in U.S. prisons and detention centers. We are joining Decarcerate the Garden State and The People’s Organization for Progress in asking for individuals and organizations to develop events and activities in solidarity and support of a multi-state coordinated strike aimed at ending prison enslavement. Prisoners in multiple states across the country have issued a call for such a strike to occur on September 9th, the 45th anniversary of the Attica State Prison uprising. The incarceration system has become a for-profit venture in our county that allows others to profit from our disadvantaged citizens. Schools have played a role in this by pushing our disadvantaged youth out of the school system and into the prison system through the school-to-prison pipeline. As educators we need to recognize that other solutions need to be found that will break this pipeline. It is time to expose the national push to incarcerate these children instead of educating them. As educators we must speak out against mass incarceration, private prisons and prison industrial complex slave labor that is currently legal and call upon others to challenge these norms. We urge others to join us. The Badass Teachers Association NJ BATs 

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