Sunday, June 19, 2016

Nine Nine Decarcerate Public Service Announcement Audio – Video to Follow

Nine Nine – audio PSA Sept 9th Prison Shutdown – Plz Spread Wide esp to radio hosts #DecarcerateNJ 

Now we have a Public Service Announcement hip-hop rendition of Nine Nine, as produced by activist, artist, & producer Oskar Castro, a.k.a. Bohiti (pronounced Bow-ee-tee), who hails from the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

According to Oskar, “I grant permission to use it and further enhance, or create derivative versions.

The immediate challenges are:
  1. Get this sound widely circulating on Facebook, twitter and other social networks.
  2. Figure out a way to get this sound to radio show hosts and to market to them the idea of playing it in their radio programs.
  3. Video artists are needed to provide a video sequence to go with the sound for You Tube renditions.
  4. Hip hop sound artists are encouraged to download the clip for creation of derivative versions.  Ideally folks can add verses and also we can seek clips from inside incarceration facilities and incorporate those into revised versions

Suggestion: Play this clip over the phone to your loved ones on the inside.

One clip received from inside:
Oskar states of his reason for dedicating between 15 – 20 hours to this production:
"For many years I have been concerned with the justice system in the United States, particularly the way it imprisons those who have been convicted of a crime whether or not that conviction was just. The prison industrial complex has proven to be built upon the lives of the mostly marginalized. Those whose history in this country has been a history of marginalization. Prison reform is long overdue, and with the for-profit wing of the prison industrial complex raising the dividends for shareholders, it is important to recognize that slavery, by any other name, is still slavery and is still immoral."

"In a collaborative effort, I adapted the original verses and created the PSA. While the option existed to write completely different verses, the original ones spoke to me so I worked on building a track around how I heard the verses in my head."

For more on the background on this sound component of our efforts, here is the article with the original concept:

Vanessa Sparks has started this Facebook group to organize collective support around promoting this sound, enhancing it, adding video, etc.

Decarcerate the Garden State congratulates Bohiti for making this effective and concrete contribution to our September 9 project.  Let's thank him by listening to and spreading this clip to all of our networks and into every facility across the nation and by using this as a building block to other renditions, videos, radio programs and public service announcements of every sort!


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