Friday, June 17, 2016

Requesting Video Statements of Support for September 9 Counter Incarceral Enslavement Action

We have been  asking for statements supporting the September 9 efforts and have received several so far. 

Request for statements:

Some of the statements so far:
POP / Decarcerate the Garden State Letter Calling for NJ Sept 9 Solidarity Action in Support of Striking Enslaved Incarcerated Men and Women

Cindy Sheehan 

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War


We are told that many other organizations have agreed to support the effort and are working on finalizing their statements.  We believe though that is only the tip of the surface of what is possible in NJ – not to mention the rest of this nation.  If 10s of 1000s of grassroots groups across the whole country get behind this national growing project to shut down enslavement inside the US’s mass incarceration nation . . . and if we bring about a truly national response to this issue – on the eve of the 2016 elections . . . this could be one of the most effective actions to occur during this election extravaganza.

Another way statements can be issued is by video.  Record it on your phone, video camara or whatever it takes.  Upload it to youtube or whatever your preferred video site is . . . and send the link to .  Organizational as well as individual statements are welcome.  Organizations that have already provided written statements, we encourage you to record a video of a member reading your organizational statement (embellishing if you so decide) and send it to us.

We will add the video links to this posting once they start coming in!  Stay tuned and keep the word spreading.

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